Mission Statement

To provide dependable janitorial services that will maintain a clean, safe and inviting atmosphere for conducting business.


Honesty and integrity.
Positive first impressions for the business.
Communication with our clients regarding their cleaning needs.
Attention to details when cleaning.
Continued research to learn the most efficient methods and equipment.
Treating our employees fairly and with dignity.


Drew whittaker

With over 20 years experience in the cleaning business and maintenance, Drew has the knowledge to help you put your business’s best foot forward.

Drew has strong family and community ties to the Tulsa area and has a vision to provide his community with outstanding and reliable janitorial services allowing business owners to focus their time on their product or service.


curtis martin

Curtis brings with him many years of successful business experience. He has been a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene since 1973, serving mainly as senior pastor. He knows and understands the importance of a clean and inviting appearance to all who choose to attend a church which also applies to any successful business. He also understands the dynamics of interacting with people to produce a healthy and pleasant work environment.